Pum Pum: “We thought Sheffield needed it”

Pum Pum is a new garage night held at Sheffield night club DQ every other Wednesday. The night was set up by a group of young Sheffield DJs, 23 year old Ashley Garner (DJ name TSkeleM), 22 year old Jack Shakespeare (DJ Shakes), and 22 year old Austin Sherman (Wonky Ninja).

Words and Video by Thomas Stewart and Jacob Story

Photograph by Beth Richardson

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Wet Nuns: “People were crowd surfing before we’d even started playing.”

Wet Nuns are a Sheffield based two piece blues and punk band. Following a twenty one date UK tour spread across February and March, the band are back residing in Yorkshire. 

After 4 years of playing together, the duo have gained a reputation as a tight but raw and aggressive live band. They are also becoming renowned for their controversial videos and hard edged punk persona.

Words by Thomas Stewart
Photograph by Georgina M

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From the outside looking in: a look at the UK hardcore scene.

On a cold, Monday night, I headed down to The Shakespeare in Sheffield to get a taste of what hardcore punk is all about. Playing were Thawed Out from Birmingham, Sheffield locals Dry Heaves, and Sectarian Violence, a band whose members are scattered across the South Coast of England, America & Mainland Europe.

 Words and pictures by Jacob Story

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Wild Heron: “a lot of my songs are made whilst I’m in bed”


Wild Heron is a minimal electronic artist based in Sheffield. After uploading just a few tracks to Soundcloud, he was offered a set at Sheffield’s Harley, a regular venue for upcoming artists and DJ’s alike.

Words and pictures by Jacob Story

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Spector: “One Direction are a really good band”

Spector live at The Bowery, Sheffield

Spector are a five piece bandoriginating from London (except for Sheffield born drummer Danny Blandy), who play an energetic and euphoric form of indie pop.

Traditionally, interviews with wanted bands such as Spector are arranged through strenuous e-mails, phone calls with difficult PR people and lost answer phone messages. This one however, was different.

When I noticed on Twitter that Spector had tweeted asking if anyone in Sheffield had a Blackberry charger, I saw an opportunity. Instantly I replied ambitiously with

I have a blackberry charger you can keep if you can do a really quick interview.”

One hour later I was being greeted into the band’s dressing room at The Bowery in Sheffield, with Budweisers and welcoming handshakes.

Words and Interview by Thomas Stewart and Jacob Story

Photos by Kev Williams, Jacob Story and Thomas Stewart


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"It doesn’t seem like a big deal to be on a label anymore."

Five Leaf Nettles is the side-project of Best Friends’ drummer, Jack Collister, a band held in high-regard within the Sheffield scene. Where Best Friends is the chance to sing about partying in the sun, here we see Collister swapping sticks for an acoustic guitar, reflecting on love and loss.

Words and Pictures by Jacob Story

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