Sheffield street #1

Here at Lifer we value the importance of looking good. We hit the streets of Sheffield to bring you some of the city’s best dressed young men.

Bobby & Andy - 21 - Biochemisty & Accountancy students 

Photography by Jacob Story

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Coco Bean: “I think with any arts industry you dont need a qualification, its more about what you represent.”

Coco Bean, 23, is a Sheffield based make up artist. Following on from our interview with Sheffield band Wet Nuns, we were intrigued to know who was responsible for the makeup for the gruesome but striking video for ‘Throttle.’ Turns out it was Coco, who has the uncanny ability to transform a regular person into a rotting zombie:

"It was the first time I’d done any proper special effects."

Words, Photos and Interview by Thomas Stewart and Jacob Story

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Going the extra mile for extra cash

In times when everyone is struggling to make ends meet, students are being hit as hard as anyone, so I caught up with a Sheffield Hallam student who looked outside the box to earn some extra money. 

Elliot Blears, 20, first heard about the possibility of taking part in a medical trial through a friend of his brother who had done a similar thing when he was university and was struggling with the costs of university life. Elliot told me: “He knew I was a student struggling for cash.”

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Manchester United season ticket holder refuses ticket for ‘biggest ever Manchester Derby’

It was touted as the biggest Manchester Derby of all time, due to it’s huge significance in this year’s Premier League title race and with some tickets being sold at just over £2,000, it would be hard to disagree with that statement.

However, with some fans willing to pay up to four figures to get their hands on just one ticket, I spoke to a die-hard Manchester United fan who turned down a ticket at face value…because he refused to sit in the Manchester City section of the crowd. Martin Popowycz, 20, has had a season ticket with United since he was 16 and would have done, and paid, almost anything to be there on the 30th April but couldn’t fathom the idea of watching one of the biggest games of his life surrounded by fans of the club he, and many other United fans, so openly despise.

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Tattoos: A modern day fashion statement?

Tattoos, they are everywhere we look, on all kinds of people and with one in five British adults admitting to being ‘inked’ up, it’s hard not to spot a tattoo.

But what drives the ‘inked up’ population to effectively ’scar’ their bodies for life? Some say they did it to remember a certain moment in their life, others did it as they thought it was cool, but how has the so called ‘biker deviant fashion’ become so lovable?

Words and pictures by Matthew Stanford

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Pum Pum: “We thought Sheffield needed it”

Pum Pum is a new garage night held at Sheffield night club DQ every other Wednesday. The night was set up by a group of young Sheffield DJs, 23 year old Ashley Garner (DJ name TSkeleM), 22 year old Jack Shakespeare (DJ Shakes), and 22 year old Austin Sherman (Wonky Ninja).

Words and Video by Thomas Stewart and Jacob Story

Photograph by Beth Richardson

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Drugs: Addiction, Health problem, or disease?

Drugs are seen to be an addiction, a horrible addiction in fact and those who use them don’t seem to get any sympathy from the majority of the public.

They are seen to be ‘low life’s’ within communities, criminals who need to steal to get their next fix, but is this the case?

Recently, it has been implemented in the House of Commons that drug abuse may not be an addiction, and that it might actually be a health problem or even a disease.

But is this possible? Surely a health problem can’t be self-induced? 

Well Russell Brand thinks so…

Words by Matthew Stanford

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Knight one step closer to fulfilling London 2012 dream

"Table tennis saved me from a life of crime and drugs." These are the words of Britain’s number 2 table tennis player, Darius Knight, who at the age of just 21 is close to fulfilling his lifelong ambition of representing Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics.

Words by Rick McGhee

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Wet Nuns: “People were crowd surfing before we’d even started playing.”

Wet Nuns are a Sheffield based two piece blues and punk band. Following a twenty one date UK tour spread across February and March, the band are back residing in Yorkshire. 

After 4 years of playing together, the duo have gained a reputation as a tight but raw and aggressive live band. They are also becoming renowned for their controversial videos and hard edged punk persona.

Words by Thomas Stewart
Photograph by Georgina M

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World Snooker: Its finally arrived

It’s nearly the end of April, and that can only mean one thing, the snooker world championships are arriving in Sheffield.

Fans from all over the country will be visiting the city to see some of the world’s best players compete for one of the sports major sporting championships, but is this the only thing that they are hungry to see?

No, the ‘Crucible’, also knows as the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, is one of the sport’s most reputable stadiums, some would say the best and this year it celebrates its landmark 35th year.

It has seen a number of historical sporting moments, such as Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan’s smashing a five minute 20 second 147 break in 1997, but has one of the city’s main attractions let its self-go?

Words, pictures and video by Matthew Stanford

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